Can this ‘birthday-cake-eating’ fitness expert help a frustrated husband and wife in their battle to lose weight?

Saturday, 4:32pm
Lincoln, Nebraska…Birthday party for a 5-year old.
Stage Of Kids’ Birthday Party Insanity:  Nearing full-on insanity, but saved by “Cake Time!”

Written by: Ed Scow, aka “The Fit Dad”

My wife and I were at a birthday party for a friend of our daughter’s and it was cake time.  They were serving full-fat ice cream cake, which is all kinds of awesome.

In between bites I noticed a couple glancing over at me, then whispering to one another.  If you ever want to make someone feel like they’re a slob, or have some type of embarrassing skin condition, do what they were doing.  I was constantly wiping my face and checking my nose just in case.

After the third time I gave them both a slight nod, which must have been the sign she was looking for, because she walked over and said, “You’re a personal trainer, right?”

“Yep.” I said before taking another giant bite.

“Then how can you eat not one, but two pieces of ice cream cake and look like that?” That statement came with an up and down glance, that if this weren’t a kids’ birthday party would have made me blush!

“What do you mean?” I asked,  “Why do you think I can’t eat cake and look like this…better yet, why do you think YOU can’t eat cake and look good?

“Because there are so many calories in that cake!  I’m getting fat just watching you eat, yet you’re devouring it like it’s your last meal!”  By this time her husband, Jeff, joined the conversation.  Her name was Christine.

I told her it was okay to relax your eating, enjoy yourself, and still look and feel fantastic.  There’s no reason you can’t eat dessert because life would be very boring if you weren’t able to enjoy good food.

She continued, “We’ve tried so many different diets and workout programs, and most of them work, but it’s always the same.  You either have to do a crazy workout program, intense diet, or a combination of both.  We even tried one of those diets where you eat 500 calories a day and get shot up with hormones.”

Jeff finally spoke, “I keep telling Christine it’s because we’re getting older.  We’re not in our 20’s anymore, we have kids, and our hormones aren’t working the way they used to.  Age makes it impossible to lose weight.

They weren’t old…he was 41 and she was 39.

After listening it was my turn to cut in with answers.  I said…

…“You’re blaming the wrong things.  Losing weight & keeping it off, while also looking & feeling younger, is about two things.  It’s about getting a fast start, seeing AWESOME results, and building on that success using the ‘Circle Of Success’.”

If you want to enjoy dessert, don’t attempt a diet that doesn’t allow it, or supplies disgusting fake foods that come in small packages, because you won’t like it, then after a month or 2 you’ll quit…even if you’re seeing results.  Not only that but do something that makes you look and feel young.  You’re not old, but most diet programs make you look and feel old, which I’m sure you don’t want.”

Both Jeff and Christine felt relieved they could accomplish their goals without becoming insane, so we finished with these…

5 Truths To Not Only Destroy Your Unwanted Fat, But Look & Feel Up To 10 Years Younger…

Stop doing workouts that make you age faster and destroy your energy

Intense workouts are great.  Intense workouts can make you lose weight quickly and increase your energy levels.

When you pair an intense workout with a LONG workout, you get the OPPOSITE.  Yes, you may see results, but if you continue you will age faster, pound your joints into dust, and your energy will drop – especially when paired with a super-low calorie diet program.

This includes cardio.  I’m sure you’ve heard that long, moderate cardio is not the best for weight loss.  You will get better results by focusing on short, yet intense workouts that activate your fat-burning hormones, like Fusion Conditioning.  Cardio CAN work…but you can also get from New York to Los Angeles in a covered wagon.  Why go slow when you can fly and enjoy the ride?

Quick Workouts + Intensity + Fusion Conditioning = Quick Results

Start eating foods that make you look & feel young and alive

There are foods that make you age faster and there are foods that make you feel young and alive.  There are foods that make your skin tired and wrinkly, and foods that make your skin smooth, supple and give it a natural “glow.”  There are also foods that boost your sex drive.

Healthy fats lead to healthy hormone levels, and so much more.  They improve your skin, like moisturizer from the inside, and make you look younger.  Foods like avocado and almonds are also great for your sex-hormones, while unhealthy fats drop your sex-hormones and can make you age faster.

Fruits like blueberries, mango, papaya and blackberries are great for your skin and the phytonutrients act as “scrubbing bubbles” to your genes to turn back the clock and make you look and feel younger and more alive.

Stop yo-yo dieting because it makes you old, fat and wrinkly

You know that years of yo-yo dieting makes you lose muscle mass, increases your fat stores, and wrecks your metabolism, but it also makes you age…really fast.

I’ve worked with 30-year old women in my studio who look 10 or 15 years older becaue they have been yo-yo dieting since college.

I’ve worked with 45-year old men who look and act like they belong in a nursing home because they have been crash dieting for 5 years all in the hopes of looking good…except they look horrible – like skin-draped skeletons.

Start breathing

Did I actually just tell you to breathe?   The truth is your breathing patterns are horrible.   Most people don’t breathe smoothly, they use their chest too much and hold their breath at random intervals throughout the day – especially if they’re stressed.  Not only that, but the more weight you have to lose, the worse your breathing patterns.

If you don’t breathe properly, your muscles won’t get enough oxygen to work, which will drop your energy levels to ZERO.

If you don’t breathe properly your brain won’t get the oxygen it needs, which will make you tired and want to reach for energy boosting foods and drinks – things like coffee, energy drinks or simple carbohydrates.

Proper breathing is like giving your body a boost of super-fuel and the more you concentrate on it, the more you’ll recognize just how important it is to feeling good ALL THE TIME

Stop blaming your age and hormones

If you’ve paid attention to radio or television commercials lately you’ve noticed an increase in supplements “designed” to boost hormones in men & women.  They use flashy, medical-sounding buzzwords, & tell you the reason you’re fat, weak and have no sex drive is because you’re over 30 and your hormones are in the gutter.  Is that true, or did something besides age cause them to decrease?

Too much cardio, too many processed foods, too much beer, and yo-yo dieting all lead to a decrease in hormones like testosterone and growth hormone…and this effects ladies too.  It’s NOT just a man’s problem.

Are your hormones causing weight gain, lack of sex drive and making you age quicker than you should?  Probably, but something had to make your hormones go out of whack and taking a hormone-boosting supplement will NOT fix the problem.   Quick, intense workouts, and sticking to a nutrition program that will naturally boost your hormones, and make you look and feel younger, are the keys to boosting your hormone levels.