Attention: Busy Men & Women Over The Age 35 Struggling With Fat Loss…

“Fat Doesn’t Fight Fair, So Why Should You?

If You Have 28 Days, The ‘BT10X Fusion Conditioning System’ Will Melt Away Up To 20 Pounds Of Your Stubborn Fat While Making You Look & Feel 10 Years Younger…

… And Will Do It With A SIMPLE Diet System And Short, But Intense Workouts.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy guy or gal, beginner or advanced…

If you’ve struggled with “insane” workout programs, or diets that kill your energy, making it tough to get out of bed in the morning, while making you look and feel OLD, then please read on…

In the next few minutes you’re going to discover 3 of my biggest secrets for Rapid fat loss…

…That will also make you look and feel YEARS younger!


Dear friend,

Hi, my name is Ed Scow and I’m also known as “The Fit Dad.”  I’m a husband, proud daddy and busy fitness and nutrition expert (and also a guy who struggles with his ‘skinny fat’ genetics).  I’ve been a trainer for over a decade and have owned and operated a private personal training studio in Lincoln, Nebraska for 10 years.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve conducted over 15,000 personal training sessions working with people from all walks of life, ranging from busy executives and stay-at-home moms & dads, to collegiate and professional athletes…and everything in between.

I’ve also had the distinct privilege of being featured in publications such as Men’s Health Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine,,,, Yahoo Health, and L Magazine.

Over the course of those 15,000 training sessions I stumbled upon a system that is so simple I almost didn’t believe it when the results started flooding in.  But when I took the time to sit back and look at the system we were using, and compare it to the problems most programs have, the results suddenly became clear.

Before you discover your solution, you first must know…

Why EVERY weight loss program fails you…

The truth is most programs make you old, tired and frustrated.  Sure many of the programs work…their testimonials speak for themselves, but what they don’t tell you is the overwhelming majority of people simply CAN’T stick to the program for one of 3 reasons…

  • The workouts were too long, too intense, robbed you of your energy, and pounded your joints into dust; which all make you look and feel old.
  • The diet relied too heavily on fake, boxed foods, super-low calories (like 500 a day) or made you believe the solution came with a shake, hormone injection, energy shots, or other pill or potion, which robs your body of badly needed nutrients, which again, make you look and feel old.
  • They don’t teach you how to gradually ease the intensity back, after you’ve seen awesome results, into a more realistic way of life.

Here’s a bit of hard truth…

  • Fat loss can be damned hard.  The steps are simple, but the journey can be difficult if you’re not using the Circle Of Success, or if your program is designed to simply work you really, really, really hard with no attention given to making you look and feel young and alive and boost energy. (expert’s note:  most programs try to cover up their poorly designed workouts by making it intense, or “insane”, which will destroy your joints, kill your motivation…and age faster)

Fat Loss Truth #1: Today’s Popular “Insane” Workout Programs Make You Look And Feel Old!

“Insane” workout programs may help you lose weight, but they also make you age…fast, while pounding your knees and shoulders into dust.

The longer the workout lasts, while keeping intensity high, your energy levels drop for the rest of the day.  If you enjoy struggling to get out of bed in the morning while downing cup-after-cup of coffee, then by all means stick with that long and super-intense workout program!

They’re also impossible to stick to because they demand you give up 45-90 minutes of your day 5-6 days per week.  You’re busy!  You don’t have time for that!

To put it bluntly…

Long workouts + Intensity = Low Energy and Rapid Aging

Your Solution: The Revolutionary BT10X Fusion Conditioning Training System

Here’s the truth – intense programs work.  There’s no getting around the fact that a workout program should ask you to work hard, but it should NOT make you work hard for long.

Fusion Conditioning blends abs workouts, fat loss workouts and full-body resistance training and puts it into an intense, yet very short workout…

… Because of this, you will see AMAZING results while only training 15-20 minutes a day!

taped-note-1This system delivers a HUGE amount of calorie-burn and metabolic disturbance, but WITHOUT draining your energy and without making you age faster.

With this style of training, along with my exclusive BT10X method, you put the focus on your abs, which we all want, while also causing such a tremendous metabolic disturbance that your fat almost literally falls off.

That’s what separates this System from others.  The workouts are incredibly focused so there is no wasted time and no wasted energy.

  • The focus of this System is on YOU and what you want…but in a way that increases your energy for hours.
  • This System asks you to work just hard enough to burn your ugly and unwanted fat, but without making you a “slave to the program”

The most important part of the BT10X Fusion Conditioning System is the weekly ‘Challenge’. 

At the end of every week you will perform a Challenge workout, which is timed.  You go until you’re finished, and then keep track of how long it takes.

Your goal is to get better each and every week…no matter how big or small the improvement is, it’s still an improvement that should be congratulated.

Some weeks you’ll finish faster, others you will be able to perform more advanced versions of certain exercises, but regardless of how you get better, that success must be noted and you MUST  feel GREAT about your success.  This is what keeps your motivation, and willingness to continue, high.

Each week you are out-performing the previous week’s “version of you”, which means that each week you are becoming leaner, stronger, and younger!

Fat Loss Truth #2:  Today’s Popular Diets Drain Your Energy While Making You Age…Fast!

There are a lot of diets that work, actually virtually every crazy diet you’ve ever heard of, including The Twinkie Diet, works, but most have major problems…

  • Dieting for too long, or doing so repeatedly (yo-yo dieting), wreaks havoc on your hormones, which makes you look OLD, TIRED and robs you of your energy…
  • Diets make you “skinny fat,” which doubles down on destroying your hormones, which makes fat loss even tougher!
  • Add in a little insulin resistance from relying too heavily on processed foods (including “healthy” diet foods) and it becomes nearly impossible for your body to lose fat and keep it off.

taped-note-2Let me ask you a quick question…

Did you know the food industry is making you fat?

It’s true, but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.

Low-quality foods, such as the ones found in boxed snack foods and frozen dinners marketed as “low calorie,” actually make you hungry.

These low quality foods do not satisfy your body’s need for nutrients, which keeps the “hunger switch” turned on in your brain…

When that “hunger switch” is left on, you remain hungry and will continue to seek food, even though you have consumed enough calories.

This is a case where the old standby of “calories in versus calories out” just does not cut it for weight loss.  These low quality diet foods that are shoved in your face on a daily basis by television and radio commercials are nothing more than junk food and they will make it impossible to lose weight and keep it off.

Your Solution:  The Mission Method

Over the years I have learned that one system of teaching nutrition, or diet, works better than the others and that is the “Mission Method.”

Giving you a small, simple mission, or “Focus,” for a day or week is much more powerful than telling you to “go low carb” or “go Paleo” for 60 days.  There’s a Focus in the Mission Method, where the typical diet program fails in giving you specific things to focus on.

The typical diet does not give you a step-by-step system to follow each and every day, rather it gives you a little bit of “theory,” and leaves the rest up to you.  Nice, right?

The diet you’ll use in the 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge asks you to focus on just one simple “Assignment” per day.  

Accomplishing that simple ‘mission’ is your goal for the day…

Then, the next day you Focus on something different.  This repeats for 7 days, then you repeat that cycle 4 more times for a total of 28 days.

This Is The Easiest And Fastest Way To Give You REAL Results

Each day flows into the next – you aren’t asked to completely change your eating style each and every day.  There is a method and rhythm to the way the Assignments are set up…

You’re even allowed, no encouraged, to CHEAT every week…

… Even though this is an “intense” 28-day program you are given the freedom to relax your eating rules and eat dessert, cheeseburgers, french fries and even a donut or two.

Don’t let that shock you or let you believe this is some type of scam.  Allowing yourself to relax and cheat on a weekly basis is a necessary component.  It’s included for a reason and one of the main reasons is to keep you motivated and keep you excited about moving forward.

Fat Loss Truth #3:  Today’s Popular Weight Loss Programs Are Set Up To Make You FAIL…

The reason you don’t continue seeing results has nothing to do with will power and all to do with continued success.

The motivation to continue just isn’t there.  The Spark dies very quickly with most intense programs and every diet.  Why?  Because there’s no recognition of success.

Your Solution:   The “Circle Of Success”

CircleofSuccessHere’s the honest-to-God truth about keeping fat off once you lose it – the reason 99% of people struggle, time after time, with fat loss is motivation, which stems from not recognizing each and every success you make.

It’s not “will power,” or some other such nonsense, it’s being able to continue staying motivated after the first couple of weeks.

That’s why this system uses what I call the “Circle Of Success.”

Look to the right…do you see how that can make or break your results? ==>

You’re always excited in the beginning of a new weight loss program, but you have to use that motivation to move you forward, and take action…

…But whatever System you follow MUST give you quick results that you can both see and feel…

But you can’t stop there because that’s not enough…

Once you achieve a small level of success – either in the way you look or feel –  you must recognize the success.  Take a moment to feel GREAT about that success – whether it’s a a loss of 5 pounds, your pants feeling baggy in the waist because you’ve lost 2 inches, your soaring energy levels or your skin looking younger and more vibrant.

Why?  Because…

Success isn’t truly success unless it’s recognized.  If you don’t take a moment to feel good about what you’ve accomplished, and what you’re going to accomplish, you WILL fail!

fit_bodiesOnce you take a moment to recognize the success, no matter how big or small, your motivation shoots back up, making you forget about the hard workouts, or even struggling with the diet.

Once your motivation shoots up, the System should then have you follow another step that leads to another success, which you will then recognize and the cycle keeps repeating itself until BOOM!  You’ve achieved your goals.

  • The combination of the Circle Of Success, Mission Method and Fusion Conditioning all come together to form an unbelievable attack to your stubborn fat, while also turning back the clock to make you look and feel YEARS younger!

The 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge will force your body to get rid of the excess fat, even those last 10-20 pounds you may have struggled with for years to lose…

Not Only Will You Burn Fat At A Record Pace, You’ll Also…

  • Transform Your Body In Just 28 Days
  • Eat foods & perform workouts that naturally skyrocket your energy levels
  • Ignite your metabolism and lose as much as 1 pound per day!
  • Look and feel as though you stepped into a time-machine and came back 10 years younger!
  • Banish your flabby belly, and develop a rock-hard and ‘superhero strong’ core
  • You will work hard…but it’s only 28 days.  Once the 28 days is up, you are shown how to scale things back, while still seeing amazing results.
  • Still get to eat your favorite foods by cheating, or Rewarding, yourself every single week…in fact it’s twice per week!
  • Build on your successes every day and every week, which keeps your motivation high, which makes you WANT to continue and keep going – remember the Circle Of Success. 

Here’s Everything You Receive When You Act Now And Grab Your Copy Of The ’28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge’

Component #1:  The 28-Day Diet Manual

The diet program in the 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is revolutionary in its simplicity.  To put it bluntly, you will lose weight and you’ll lose it quickly.

It’s broken down into assignments where each day over the course of 28 days, you will focus on a different aspect of your diet.  All are simple to understand, and not overly restrictive…plus you get to CHEAT every week! ($99 value)

Component #2:  The 28-Day Training Manual

The workouts are all based on my Fusion Conditioning concept and use my exclusive BT10X Training System.

Some last 10-minutes, others 20…but they can all be done from home, with minimal equipment.  They burn a tremendous amount of calories both during AND after the workout and will shoot your energy levels through the roof.  ($99 value)

Component #3: Workout Logs

Tracking your progress is a huge component of your success.  If you want to succeed with your program, you MUST track what you did, how you felt before/after and anything else you see fit.

To help that, you receive Workout Logs for the entire program.   It’s laid out in an easy-to-understand and professional manner to give you the biggest chances of success.  ($19 value, yours FREE)

Component #4: Follow-Along Workout Videos

Each and every workout for the entire program has been filmed, including the weekly Challenge workout.

These are full, follow-along videos, where you can exercise with me rep-for-rep and set-for-set.  You also receive expert tips to make sure you do the exercise correctly, as well as tricks to maximize each movement. ($99 value, yours FREE)

Component #5: “How To” Exercise Database

This bonus is invaluable to everyone…whether beginner or more advanced.  I filmed a short, yet descriptive video demonstrating how to do each and every exercise in the entire program.

If you are curious how an exercise should look or feel, and don’t want to watch the entire workout video, then this database is for you.  You’ll see body position, tips on which muscles to focus on as well as other tips and tricks normally shared only with clients.  ($49 value, yours FREE)

Component #6: Beginner Workouts

Many people wanting to lose weight, and get off the Diet Roller Coaster, are beginners.  You can do this program all 28 days, or a week or 2 before jumping up to the Intermediate/Advanced workouts.  Either way, you will still see a tremendous metabolic response in terms of fat loss and strength gains.

Don’t let the “Beginner” name fool you…these workouts WILL challenge you, but they are designed with the Beginner’s body in mind.  ($29 value, yours FREE)

Component #7: Follow-Along Videos for the Beginner Workouts

If you are a beginner, these are probably the most important aspect.  Why?  Because you need the tips and pointers provided in the videos.

You are treated like a client, which means I share all the tips and tricks my beginner clients receive like how to position your body, where to put your focus and how to progress to more advanced versions…without straining yourself too much. ($99 value, yours FREE)

Component #8: 28-Day “Memory Magnet” Calendar

A big factor in your success is going to be remembering your Assignments.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget where you placed your wallet, so it’s understandable that remembering what to do can be difficult.

To help keep your memory alive, and keep you motivated, you’ll also receive a “Memory Magnet” calendar to remind you what your Nutrition Assignment is and what workout you are to do that day.  ($14 value, yours FREE)

Because you’re getting in on the ground floor, you have the incredible opportunity to grab the 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, plus all the bonuses, with a real-world value of over $526 for the low, one-time investment of only $29

Yep, only $29!


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Yes it’s tough, but you can do it…plus it’s only 28 days.

  • If you’ve ever gone on an “insane” workout program and liked the work, but hated the length of the workouts and had difficulty sticking because it wasn’t realistic, this is for you
  • If you’ve been on and off the diet wagon numerous times and are sick of failing time after time, this is for you.
  • If you have a special event coming up like a vacation, high school, college or family reunion, or something else that you want to make a quick change, this program is for you.
  • If you are looking for something to Challenge you and hold you accountable and keep your Focus, then this program is for you.
  • If you want to change, but need a “spark” to get you moving and motivated, then this is for you.  Some people need a swift kick in the butt to get them moving and once they’re moving they’re good. If that’s you, and that’s me too, then this program is that “spark.”
  • If you want energy like you haven’t felt in years, maybe ever, then this program is for you.
  • If you’re ready to turn back the clock and look and feel 5, 10 or 15 years younger, this program is for you.
  • If you hate what you see in the mirror and are finally ready to DESTROY that stubborn and unwanted fat, then this program is for you.

But what if this doesn’t work?

Then you get the whole program, and bonuses, for free.


This system will transform your body, while also helping you look and feel YEARS younger, but only if…

You’re willing to work hard for 28 days.  All you have to do is follow the system as it’s laid out, achieve amazing results results, recognize your successes and stay motivated.  That’s all it takes.

The system is intense, but fits with your life – does NOT require lots of equipment, often just your bodyweight, does NOT require long and super-intense workouts, often times just 15-20 minutes and does not require a hellish diet.


  • If you are lazy…this program is not for you.
  • If you are looking for a magic bullet – the kind the diet pill peddlers try to sell you – this program is definitely not for you.  This program can be magical, but only because the powers that make the magic happen are your hard work and focus.  This is not an easy way out.
  • If you are afraid of eating healthy, nutritious and “energy boosting” foods because you think you can get all the nutrition you need in a box or plastic bottle, this is not for you.
  • If you’re afraid of resistance training because it will “bulk you up,” then this program is definitely not for you.  This is not a bodybuilding program – it’s a rapid fat loss and transformation program.  
  • If you refuse to change the way you’re eating, this program is not for you.  Look, if you’re not happy with what you see in the mirror – either because of the extra weight or that you look and feel older than you should – you are eating poorly.  That’s a fact.  If you’re not willing to admit that and do what’s right then don’t bother getting this program.
  • If you don’t believe that high quality, nutritious foods and short, intense workouts are the fountain of youth then this program is not for you.  If you’re not interested in naturally turning back the clock and looking & feeling younger through the magic of food and the BT10X Fusion Conditioning System, then you should find something else.

However, if none of those descriptions fit you and you’re ready to roll, click the button below… 


You may be wondering why this program is so cheap even though you’re getting a full nutrition and workout program that can give you such tremendous results.  You’re getting the workouts, workout videos, workout logs, nutrition program and all those bonuses, which are worth a lot.

So what’s the catch?  Why is the entire system only $29?

I want you to get the system, put it into action and see tremendous success.  Your success means more to me than selling this for a bunch of money.  I will do everything in my power to make sure you see results, get off the diet roller coaster, and change your lifestyle into one that’s a Fountain Of Youth and be the envy of your friends and family.

If that means selling this for a small amount, that’s cool with me.

However, I also have to warn you that the price will be going up…probably very soon.  That’s not a lie, or some scare tactic…it’s the truth.  I know a lot of people will be scooping this program up and I actually enjoy interacting with my clients and helping them succeed, which means the more programs sold, the higher the price must go.  This program was already released to a “test group” at a very minimal price and you’re getting in at the Introductory Price, but after the next thousand or so copies, the price will jump until finally settling at $57…so don’t wait!

Take A Moment And Think About This… 

You don’t have to purchase.

You can navigate away from this page, go about your day and forget this program even exists.

You can continue struggling with your weight, aging rapidly, feeling unhappy and tired all the time with ZERO energy and ZERO pep in your life.

You can watch the next infomercial with the ‘insane’ workout program that demands you devote all your free time, and that pounds your knees, shoulders and back into dust; even though you know, deep down in the pit of your stomach, it won’t work for long.

You can be sucked into the next “big thing” diet, that will work, but will also rob you of your energy, making you reach for caffeine at every opportunity, and make you feel miserable because you’re not eating the foods you crave and desire.

Or you can make the right decision and grab your copy of the 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge.

You can commit to working hard for just 28 days, performing scientifically-proven workouts that only last 15-20 minutes a day, while filling your body with energy-boosting foods that make you look and feel YEARS younger

See amazing results, and actually WANT to continue because of the way it makes you look and feel, and because of all the compliments you’re receiving.

The choice is truly yours, but just remember that I believe in you and know you can achieve the life of your dreams.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you will see amazing results in only 28 days – and that you’ll feel great in the process!

You are capable of so much, and will accomplish great things in a very short period of time.  All you have to do is believe in yourself, commit to working hard for 28 days, and recognize every success you achieve, no matter how big or small.

You CAN do this…


P.S. – Are you willing to work for 28 days?  You can accomplish so much in such a short period of time…you’ll amaze yourself.  All you have to do is take the first step and click the Add To Cart button.  Remember that you are protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee.  What do you have to lose?  Click Here To Get Started and Save Nearly $30 Off The Regular Price!

P.P.S. – Have questions?  Check out this quick Q&A section…

Q:  “But is a workout that only takes 10-20 minutes a day, even though it’s ‘intense’ long enough?  Can you really see results in such a short period of time?”

A:  Absolutely!  One of the biggest reasons people don’t stick to their workout program, aside from lack of results, is time.  if it takes too long you won’t stick…even though you may be seeing results.  To put it bluntly, the program doesn’t respect your life and when that happens, you quit.

However the BT10X Fusion Conditioning System gives you all the benefit of a long workout, but shortens it up, removes the “fluff” and only delivers the BEST fat loss movements, so you will stick and you will see AMAZING results!

Not only that, but short and intense workouts shoot your metabolism through the roof without making you age faster…

Long, intense workouts may make you burn calories, but they also increase free radicals in your body which will make you age quickly.  

If you want to lose weigh and get old, stick to long workouts, but if you want to lose fat, while turning back the clock 5, 10 even 15 years, then do short and intense workouts like those found in the BT10X Fusion Conditioning System.

Q:  “This sounds awesome, I’m excited to lose a lot of weight in 28 days, but I’m worried about gaining it all back once the 28 days is over.  Will that happen?”

A:  No, you will NOT gain all the weight back once the 28 days is over.  I’ve trained clients before who have followed intense programs that lasted 2 weeks or 2 months, who honestly saw tremendous results, but once the program was over the weight slowly crept back on…and sometimes not so slowly.

There’s a reason that happened – the program they were sold was built on a scam.  Juice fasts, 500-calorie a day diets, super high protein and super low carbohydrate diets, 7-day a week intense workout programs combined with really low calorie diets…you name it, I’ve seen it.

Those types of ‘fad diets’ all DESTROY your metabolism.  Not only that, but they will make you age…fast.  The mess those programs create in your body will make your skin dry and scaly, you’ll wrinkle, your hair will get weak & flimsy and you’ll get bags under your eyes.  All fun, right?

Not only that but you’ll become “skinny fat,” which typically means your metabolism is wrecked…but it can be fixed.

Click Here To Save $30!

Q:  “Going on a diet sucks.  How will this make me feel like I’m not on a diet?”

A:  You’re right, going on a diet does suck but if you want to lose a lot of fat in 28 days you will be going on a diet.  I won’t lie to you.

However, you will be allowed to cheat at least once per week, and you’ll be eating REAL food the entire time. No boxed dinners that taste like cardboard and chock full of artificial chemicals.  No processed junk, no magical shakes or powders to sprinkle on your food.

Q:  “This sounds too intense…how hard will I have to work?”

A:  You’ll work as hard as you want to work, but if you’re doing it right you will be working very hard.  This is intense and it’s designed to make you work hard…for only 15-20 minutes a day.  That should not scare you.  If you’re afraid of that short period of time then you won’t be able to do it…sorry to be blunt, but it’s true.

But know this.  I believe in you and designed this system for you to succeed.  There are Beginner workouts to help ease you in, but will still ask you to work hard for your current fitness level.  That’s all that I ask – work hard and see what happens.  It’s only 28 days!

Q:   “I’ve tried other diet and workout programs before.  Why will this one work?”

A:  First let me say I’m sorry those other programs failed you and I will do my best to make sure you succeed.  You deserve to succeed.

This program will work for you because it’s intense enough to burn a lot of calories, but not so intense that it robs you of your energy and free-time.  It’s intense enough to burn that stubborn fat sitting on your stomach, but not so intense it makes you look and feel old.  It’s intense enough to make you stronger, leaner and more energetic, but not so intense you wake up hating the thought of working out.

This System was designed to burn your ugly, stubborn and unwanted fat and get rid of it once and for all.  It was also designed to give you a “Spark” and to use the motivation and excitement that’s always there at the beginning of a program, to propel you to greatness, then ease back a bit once the 28 days is over.  It was also designed to turn back the clock to make you look and feel 5, 10, even 15 years younger and I’m confident it will do that for you.

You can do this.   I believe in you and all that you are capable of!

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Here’s a quick recap of everything you receive when grabbing your copy of the 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge…

  • The 28-Day Diet Manual ($99 value)
  • The 28-Day Training Manual using the exclusive BT10X Fusion Conditioning Workout System ($99 value)
  • Workout Logs for the entire program ($19 value)
  • Full-Length, “Follow-Along” Workout Videos ($99 value)
  • “How To” Exercise Video Database ($49 value)
  • Beginner Workouts using the BT10X Fusion Conditioning Workout System ($29 value)
  • Full-Length, “Follow-Along” Workout Videos for the Beginner Workouts ($99 value)
  • 28-Day “Memory Magnet” ($14 value)
  • Limited Time, Fast Action FREE Bonus – Fat Loss Recipes & Meal Ideas ($19 value…yours FREE!)


Click Here To Get Started TODAY and Save Nearly $30 Off The Regular Price!


Audacious Disclaimer:  Due to new rules put in place by the FTC I must inform you what a “typical result” is.  To be totally honest, a “typical” result is no result at all.  Most people will buy this, then never use it…and beyond that I have no idea what the “average” person does.  Here’s what I do know – you can achieve greatness.  You are worthy of success and can achieve so much, but you have to take the first step and that first step is applying what you will discover in this program.  You can do this.  I believe in you!